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Line Fishing
A fishing line is a cord used or made for angling. Important parameters of a fishing line are its length, material, and weight (thicker lines are more visible to fish). Factors that may determine what line an angler chooses for a given fishing environment include breaking strength, knot strength, UV resistance, castability, limpness, stretch, abrasion resistance, and visibility.

Fly Fishing
Fly fishing is an ancient angling method to catch fish with artificial lures as distinct from live or dead bait. Casting the (practically) weightless lure requires a special fishing line and a long rod. Fly fishing can be done in fresh or salt water. North Americans usually distinguish freshwater fishing between coldwater species (trout, salmon, steelhead) and warmwater.
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Armchair fly fishing during the evening rise.

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A fun filled day is planned for young and old at the upcoming Dam Fest on 29

Addicted to nymphing

Our visibility was obscured by the mist rolling over the water as it ran read more

A big heave hug for the mermaid from Al Spaeth.

If you think back to hundreds of years ago when the Karoo was a huge read more

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing is the ultimate guide to the top fishing spots along the entire

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Erupting from the cauldron of stress at the end of the year so you can hit read more

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The Karoo savannah, comprising mostly of grass, Karoo bush, and thorn trees read more

Video: A River Runs Through the Karoo - The Perfect Release
Video: A River Runs Through the Karoo - The Perfect Release
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