Amarok takes Voetspore team to another African expedition


Amarok will embark on its third Voetspore expedition with Johan Badenhorst and his team. This year’s expedition, known as Voetspore in the Groot Skeurvallei van Afrika/Voetspore in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, will go through 13 countries starting from Mozambique and finishing in Ethiopia where Rift Valley starts.

Photo credit: VWSA

“The Amaroks that we drove in the last two Voetspore expeditions performed incredibly well and traversed the most challenging parts of Africa with aplomb. For this year’s adventure, we will be driving in the comfort and luxury of three 8-speed automatic vehicles. We are confident that the Amarok automatic will make our 18 000 km trip over three months a memorable experience and a great spectacle for our television show,” said Johan Badenhorst, the Voetspore expedition leader.

This is the ninth edition of the Voetspore expedition. This time Johan will be accompanied by three crew members – Gideon Swart, Andre Bester and Norbert Coetzee from his last expedition to the Equator. They will be joined by William Warren and new member, Gert Ledidi, who has worked as a Peace Corp in Darfur, Sudan.

“The last two Voetspore expeditions have helped us to dispel any doubts people had about the capability, durability and performance of our 2-litre bi-turbo engine in the Amarok. Through Voetspore adventure, Amarok has proven itself to be a smart choice for any person that is planning to overland through the roughest terrains of African continent,” explained Jaco Steenekamp.