Change the world with first-ever global cinema campaign


Words: The Lime Envelope

The #FirstEverGlobalCinemaAd Campaign will take over the world on 25 September, set to engage the global cinema audience with the announcement of the Global Goals to end poverty, injustice and climate change. You can do your bit by downloading the Global Goals App and spreading the message far and wide. Even more, why not engage by taking part in the Dizzy Penalty for the Global Goals.

The mission of the Global Goals Campaign is to communicate and perpetuate the goals across the world, including South Africa, with the aim of reaching: “seven billion people in seven days”, following its launch at the United Nations. Cinema is the most effective platform for a campaign this big as it provides a unique opportunity to target a hard to reach, highly engaged audience. To participate in the world’s first global cinema campaign by interacting with the big screen, you simply need to download the Global Goals App.

The campaign was launched by Richard Curtis, British filmmaker, humanitarian and campaigner of the Global Goals. The Global Goals Campaign is backed by the UN, governments, global communities and brands. The more awareness and fame that can be created around the Global Goals to end poverty, injustice and climate change, the more politicians will take them seriously, finance them properly, refer to them frequently and make them work.

Thanks to a founding partnership between the Global Goals Campaign and the Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA), you can expand on the message of the cinema campaign by sharing its message far and wide.

You can help Cinemark, a SAWA member here in South Africa to tell everyone about the Global Goals by doing a Dizzy Penalty for the Global Goals. All you need to do is find two footballs and find a goal – even jumpers as goal posts will do. Then you line up the balls at least six metres apart. Put your hand on the ball and spin around it 13 times. Run to the other ball and try to shoot a goal. Tag three friends to join in so that they can try and score their own dizzy goal. Upload your video with the hashtag #DizzyGoals and make sure to tag @TheGlobalGoals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Yvonne Diogo, Marketing Manager for Cinemark, says, “Cinema will play a pivotal role in the effective delivery of such a campaign and we know that our audiences will play a significant part in sharing these quintessential Global Goals by participating in the Dizzy Penalty for the Global Goals. The Global Goals App is also interactive, easy to use and a chance to really do something for the greater good. Not only are we all protecting our heritage for future generations to enjoy but we are addressing major issues that impact our society, our country and our world. We can’t wait to see all of the Dizzy Penalties from across our country.”

The Global Goals campaign is a mission for humanity with unified goals that resonate with everyone, everywhere. Help to End Extreme Poverty. End Injustice. Fight Climate Change.

The Global Goals App can be downloaded in the App Store and on Google Play. Watch this video to take part in the Dizzy Penalty for the Global Goals For more information go to

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