Harley-Davidson 2015 Fearless Tour with Jack Parow and Loki Rothman, Durban

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Harley-Davidson® Durban @ 19h30


Harley-Davidson® Africa and its 12 authorised dealer partners is calling on all South Africans to join the 2015 Fearless cause, which aims to raise awareness and funds in aid of Breast Cancer.

In 2014, Harley-Davidson® Africa launched Snors for a Cause and raised R100,000 in a single day in support of testicular cancer – an achievement the iconic motorcycling brand is eager to top with 2015 Fearless.

Fearless brings two opportunities to the public to participate in the breast cancer initiative. It starts with the Harley-Davidson® Fearless Music Tour in September followed by the Pink Glove Run in October where all motorcycle riders will ride together for this great cause.

Fearless will kick off in all major cities during September, where Harley® ambassadors Jack Parow and Loki Rothman will take to the stage at selected Harley-Davidson® dealerships in Cape Town (16 September), Durban (17 September) and Johannesburg (24 September). Tickets are available at R175 per person and can be purchased through www.webtickets.co.za. This will be followed by the Pink Glove Run motorcycle parade on 31 October where all motorcycle riders can ride together in regional parades to raise awareness in their communities.

“We’re revving up to kick cancer in the ass. Hard! As hard as we can. With Fearless we want all South Africans to show that they don’t scare easily as we unite to take action. Last year the Harley-Davidson® family reached out and joined hands with the public and all riders of all brands to raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer, and this year we’re coming together for the ladies,” says Juan Mouton, Marketing Manager of Harley-Davidson® Africa.

Harley-Davidson® fulfills dreams of personal freedom. It is an experience and a way of life that celebrates each individual. “Whether it’s a mother, sister, daughter or friend, most of us have been affected by breast cancer, directly or indirectly. Through our combined efforts we want to support these fearless femmes and give them something that will make their hearts race again,” says Mouton.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Fearless will reach its peak with the national Pink Glove Run; set to be one of the largest mass rides of the year. Similar to the 2014 Snors for a Cause parades, the Pink Glove Run will call on anyone and everyone who rides a motorcycle to join Harley® to show their support.

Harley-Davidson® is also producing original, one-of-a-kind pink buffs that will be on sale at participating Harley-Davidson® dealerships. All proceeds raised by Fearless will be donated to CANSA.

“The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) is extremely excited about the Harley-Davidson Fearless campaign which aligns with CANSA’s strategic approach to provide the most reliable health information and education in the fight against cancer.” Says CANSA Head of Health, Professor Michael Herbst.

South African legends can support Fearless by purchasing tickets to the gigs, attending the concerts, sharing information as widely as possible via their own channels (on social media), and purchasing pink buffs.

Mouton adds: “Being ‘Fearless’ is about breaking down the barrier of ‘it won’t happen to me’ or ‘I’m too young’, which is exactly why we’re joining hands with CANSA to educate women on the risks, the signs and more importantly the way they can protect themselves and their loved ones.”

Mouton concludes: “The absence of fear might be impossible, but being afraid and making the decision to have strength and to fight – not only for yourself but for those around you – that is the essence of this Fearless campaign.”

No excuses, no fear, no limits. Be your Fearless self.