A sleek new approach to wining and dining with myLocali’s booking service


Words: Philippa Harvey

An innovative new service that connects customers with restaurants is creating happy diners and buzzing bistros all over SA. myLocali helps hungry patrons find their perfect dining experience by combining convenience and intelligent technology.

The launch of myLocali makes finding and booking family mealtimes, romantic dinners and special celebrations deliciously easy. Customers can access a database of restaurants, along with detailed information about the venue, online at myLocali, anywhere and anytime. Users are able to check live availability of restaurants and make bookings directly with restaurants online, at the click of a button, which makes it especially useful for people who aren’t able to make bookings during restaurant open hours, as well as for last minute bookers. And for an added dash of convenience, myLocali can generate a list of suitable restaurants filtered by requirements such as wheelchair access or generator availability. The free service is available once users have created a profile and signed in.

For restaurateurs, the launch of myLocali gives them a powerful booking management system that is smart and flexible, providing control over managing the dates and times of bookings, through a simple online dashboard. There is the option to analyse information about customers such as their geographic area, age group and even who their most frequent customers are. The setup of the myLocali site means that when customers want to make a restaurant booking, they always can, even if the phone lines are busy or down, or the restaurant is currently closed – which means that establishments never miss out on business.

According to Kevin George, Co-Founder of myLocali, “There are numerous websites that advertise restaurants out there but myLocali was created to be a totally different experience. It’s all-in-one, which means you can log in, select a restaurant, check availability (even at the very last minute) and book it with a few quick clicks.” He adds, “For restaurants, it takes the headache out of managing their bookings the traditional way through a diary. Our online dashboard has a number of innovative features that can even serve as a centralised service for multiple branches and manage customer rewards programmes. It’s simple to use, and it works.”

For more information on myLocali or to sign up, go to www.mylocali.com