Quick and easy tyre analysis


Words: Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Tiger Wheel & Tyre is challenging motorists to do some "tread investigation" to determine exactly what your tyre tread wear is telling you.

Courtesy of: Tiger Wheel & Tyre

"Everything you need to know about what's going on with your wheel alignment or balancing, tyre pressure and even your shocks, is imprinted on your tyres. The trick is knowing how to read these clues," says Group Marketing Executive Joe du Plooy.

Here are some hints from the tyre experts at Tiger Wheel & Tyre on what your tread is telling you:

* Worn inner or outer edges, also known as "toe wear." This could be an indicator of a problem with your wheel alignment. Have it checked right away.
* Wear on both the inner and outer edges. Your tyres are likely underinflated. Inflate them right away and have them checked for leaks.
* Wear down in the middle of the tyre could mean your tyres are overinflated. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for your tyres and stick with the pressure indicated.
* Random bald spots. This could be from excessive breaking or skidding and could also be a sign that your shocks are worn or wheels are seriously out of balance. Either way, you should have it seen to immediately.
* Cupping or scalloping. If you can see the signs of diagonal tread wear on your tyres, you should know this is a serious problem that could be the result of worn shocks or even a failing suspension. Have it seen to right away.

"When it comes to getting the safest, longest use from your tyres, prevention is better (and cheaper!) than cure," added du Plooy. "By regularly inflating your tyres to the manufacturer-recommended pressures; checking your wheel balancing and alignment; rotating your tyres every 10 000 km or every time you hit an obstacle; and maintaining your vehicle's suspension, you can enjoy many more kilometers of safe driving than you might otherwise."

Still not certain you can read the clues on your tyre tread? Visit www.twt.to to find the Tiger Wheel & Tyre store closest to you and have the pros check it out.