In review – New products from First Ascent


Words: Ico Schutte | Photos: First Ascent

The latest in the First Ascent products.

In review – New products from First Ascent

Winter wear - Expedition glove

Looking at these gloves, only one thought came to mind; Norway, country of ice! Blasted with snow and rain in the extreme cold while hiking in Andalsnes, I found a home for these gloves. They were comfortable and stood up to the conditions well, keeping me warm and dry for the six-hour hike.

The only snag I had was when I took them off, the inners became bunched up and it was quite difficult getting my fingers back in.

All in all, a very good product and one that I will definitely take on any winter trip.

Running - Plasma top

This is a perfect top for cooler days out on the trail. I was lucky enough to have the perfect cold and rainy conditions at the Gravity Adventure Festival’s night run to pit this top against the elements. I found the top to be exceptionally comfortable, allowing for full range of movement while keeping me nice and cozy. The zip and underarm ventilation are a great touch and overheating was no problem.

Running - Freerun tights

Once again, a fantastic piece of clothing for cooler days. Also put to the test at the Gravity Adventure Festival’s night run, as well as at a few other trail runs around the Garden Route, these tights were comfortable and provided good support in the crotch area. I also used the tights in longer runs of three-hours plus and found that they did not chafe me at all. Definitely my favourite running tights.


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