Modern Supermoto is a cross between motocross and road racing. Races are commonly held on road racing or medium sized go-kart tracks with an off-road section in the infield. Most supermoto race tracks have a tarmac size of 50-75% and the remaining percentage of the course is off-road. The dirt sections are usually constructed of packed clay and feature motocross style obstacles like bermed corners and jumps. This type of racing is also very portable in that an entire track can be constructed anywhere there is a large area of open asphalt and an availability of dirt. Supermoto races have also been successfully held in busy urban centers utilizing closed city streets for the road course and a vacant lot for the dirt sections.

The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing wheels/tires, known as 'supermotard' bikes. Riders also wear a combination of road race and offroad equipment, normally road racing leathers and motocross helmets and boots. Unlike normal motorcycle racing, the emphasis lies on slower speeds—typically less than 100 mph (160 km/h)— on short, technical tracks, where rider skill matters more than outright machine performance.
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Supermoto Nationals Series 19 May 2012
The Supermoto Nationals Series will take place on Saturday 19 May 2012 at Sun City. more

MinimotoSA #3
The MiniMoto and Scooter 101 race day at the Vereeneging kart track was once again an action-packed event. The qualifying proved to be the stage for bigger things to come. A huge number of competitors took to the track and produced some of the finest racing the circuit has ever seen. The racing was intense across all the classes. All in all it, was a fantastic day of racing.

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MinimotoSA #3 2012

Supermoto Red star

Scooter 101 number 2

Scooter 101 and Mini Moto


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