Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling. Road cyclists are generally expected to obey the same rules and laws as other vehicle drivers or riders and may also be vehicular cyclists.

Road cycling, which may also be referred to as road biking, bicycling or simply biking is an activity most commonly performed on a bicycle. There are many types of bicycles that are used on the roads including: BMX, recumbents, racing, touring and utility bicycles.

Dedicated road bicycles have drop handlebars and multiple gears, although there are single and fixed gear varieties. Road bikes also use narrow, high-pressure tires to decrease rolling resistance, and tend to be somewhat lighter than other types of bicycle. The light weight and aerodynamics of a road bike allows this type of bicycle to be the most efficient self-powered means of transportation a person can use to get from one place to another. The drop handlebars are often positioned lower than the saddle in order to put the rider in a more aerodynamic position.

Mountain bikes fitted with slick or semi-slick tires are also popular for commuters. Though less efficient, the upright riding position allows the cyclist a better view of traffic, and they can also be readily fitted with mudguards, cargo racks and other accessories.

In the context of utility cycling, road cycling fulfils various purposes including commuting and also cycle-based businesses (e.g., bicycle messengering and cycle rickshaws) and leisure. Common courtesy when road biking is to obey the same rules and laws as other vehicles. Being observant and attentive while riding on a road with traffic is very important. Due to the aerodynamics of a road bike, bikers alongside the road may be hard to see by passing motorists. To appear more noticeable, wearing bright and reflective colours will reduce the chance of an accident.

Road racing is a highly publicized and viewed sport in almost every country in the world. The extraordinary efficiency of the bicycle makes it a very popular item for recreational fun, transport, or in racing. It is performed on roads and pathways, but mainly is restricted to concrete or pavement.
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Linda Van Wyk to participate in African Continental Championships
Team bizhub-FCF's Linda Van Wyk has been selected to participate in the 2012 African Continental Championships. The event is to be hosted in Black River, Mauritius on the 5th of May. In 2011 the event was hosted in Mauritius where team bizhub's Candice Neethling won the u23 ladies category. In 2011 Linda first took part in the event as a first year junior woman and she finished in fourth place.

Last year the course was very demanding and included a lot of rough tracks said Linda. Initially I did not plan on doing the championships this year, but after giving it some thought, I decided to make use of the opportunity given by bizhub-FCF and my parents.

A group of 14 South Africans will be representing South Africa at the event where they will be competing against other South African Nations including Namibia and Mauritius. I believe I have a stong chance of winning this year, The course is very flat with only one steep hill, so it is going to be crucial to play my cards right. I am determined to be the pace setter in the race to come out on top. This can open my door to World Championships in Austria later in the year. I see cross-country in a different light this year and I am more focussed than ever to exceed my expectations in this challenging discipline. I look forward to bringing a gold medal home to South Africa.

Linda Van Wyk is quickly developing into one of South Africa's big future stars, last year whilst stil a first year junior, She won the NISSAN half marathon series. This is her final year as a junior rider before she makes the big leap into the U23 Category.

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