Waveski Surfing is a dynamic sport combining the paddle power of a kayak with the maneuverability and performance of a surfboard. A Waveski resembles a thick surfboard, with a seat, fins, foot straps, and seatbelt, enabling the rider to 'Eskimo roll' if overturned. The wave ski rider or wave ski surfer then uses a double ended paddle for motion while seated on the wave ski. Competitions are run similar to stand up surfing and are judged on the performance of the rider on the waves within a 20min heat. High performance skis weigh about 6 to 8 kg and are custom made, using epoxy resin and EPS foam, which makes the wave ski light & strong. The sport provides fun and exercise for beginners through to advanced riders. A waveski is not to be confused with a surf ski. Waveskis are designed for surfing ocean waves and surf skis are designed for racing in open water.
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Wave Ski Surfing

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