R-evolve Surf Apparel presents beyondborders surf tour


The 3rd tour. #beyondborders

Better. Heavier. 8 days of surfing along the Wildcoast. Our journey into the Wild.

Your surfing can get better with every wave you catch. Every surfer has their own personal style. The more you surf the better you become. There is no better way to improve your surfing than through travel. It expands your knowledge and experience on different waves, breaks and set ups.

R-evolve Surf Apparel have been developing their team over the last three years under this premise, surf tours. Wayne Barnes shared some of his thoughts regarding the trip. "Watching the team grow and get better has been an awesome experience. Last year we went on tour with the guys and travelled up the wild coast. 10 days in the jungle, the guys getting thrown into surfing bigger surf and gnarlier breaks, and they were shredding".

True Friend Productions, a Port Elizabeth based videography and graphic design studio released this punchy vid of the tour and the waves the team scored. Such a regal video, it captures the awesome energy which we was experienced on tour.

A tour proudly sponsored and warmly accommodated by:
Buccaneers Backpackers - Chinsta West
Bos Ice Tea
Herbalife Independent - Stacey Doman
Bruce Viaene Photography
Sea Candy Media Drone Footage
Cannon Rocks Homebuilders
The R-evolve Brand Group
Christo Zietsman Photography

Bradley Dalbock (R-evolve Team)
Wayne Barnes (R-evolve Team)
Blaine Armstrong (R-evolve Team)
Andy Jay (R-evolve Team)
Hudson Cummings (R-evolve team)
Tyron Dustan (R-evolve Team)
Dean von Schoultz (Guest Surfer)
Dane Cox (Guest Surfer)
Anele Njombolwana (Development Surfer)

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