Avondale’s Avant-Garde Pairing

Words & Photos: Positive Dialogue Communications

A festive pairing inspired by the delicate balance between art, food & wine.

Avondale has collaborated with Chef Reuben Riffel to explore the delicate balance between art, food and wine in an Avant-Garde Pairing experience. This journey was inspired by the individual elements that - when in perfect balance and harmony - produce a culinary masterpiece. Thus the pairing menu includes a visual representation of the ingredients which make up each of the six, bite-size decadent delights that form part of the Avant-Garde Pairing menu – in their natural, unaltered state. Inspired pairings such as Marinated Salmon with Avocado Coulis, Sweet and Sour Beet, Preserved Ginger and Wilted Tatsoi accompanied by a glass Avondale’s MCC Armilla, and Camissa rose served with Warm Roasted Prawn with Tropical Fruit Salad and Lightly Spiced Persimmon Sauce, are beautifully represented in the imagery - with the aim of showing guests exactly what went into each pairing in an artistic and visually-arresting manner. Sometimes the good things in life take a little longer, and if something is worth doing, it is worth doing with care. It was this philosophy that inspired Avondale’s Avant-Garde Pairing; where each element - in perfect harmony with the next - creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


To see and experience each bite-size delight for yourself in its completed form, call 021-863 1976 or email to book now. The Avant-Garde Pairing is available at the Avondale Estate from 15 November 2013 – 15 January 2014. R150 per person and by appointment only.


Avondale Boilerplate

Avondale’s ethos, Terra Est Vita, or ‘Soil is Life’ guides this wine estate in the Klein Drakenstein Mountains near Paarl and its approach to the environment. Since the owners’ son, current proprietor Johnathan Grieve joined the farm in 1999, Avondale went through a revolutionary change after developing a unique approach to farming. The BioLOGIC® approach to farming encompasses all the best elements of organic and biodynamic farming while still taking advantage of the benefits that modern science has to offer. Avondale produces seven wines: Camissa, a rose; Cyclus, a refreshing white blend; Anima, a lively Chenin Blanc; La Luna, a classic red blend; Samsara, a Syrah; Navitas, the flagship red blend; and Armilla, a joyous Brut made in the Méthode Cap Classique tradition.


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