We are very pleased to present Check&Share, the only FREE service that makes it possible for you to share in a targetted way the wind and waves' conditions wherever you are over the world.


Targetted because with Check&Share, you CHOOSE WHO YOU SHARE DATA WITH.


Some kitesurf champions already use Check&share :


- Flo Daubos : “Awesome. I really appreciate to receive notification from my friends who want to advise me.”
- Seb Garat : “The concept is great. It exactly matches with what we were expecting.”
- Charlotte Consorti : “The really good idea is the private version. I can invite 1 or 2 friends for a private session on a secret spot if I want.”


Check&Share is available for Iphones and Androids and has a website that supports the application and members' personal accounts (photos, videos, debriefs on your geolocalized sessions, then sharing on Facebook, Google, etc)
This easy-to-use and innovating service has been developed so that it stands as close as possible to the minds of those, like us, who are deeply fond of the gliding sport. "Sharing, but not too much..."


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