Ncredible N-TUNE

Monster in collaboration with music star and star-maker, Nick Cannon presents the bold, in your face Ncredible N-TUNE. You’ve got something to say. It’s in your look, your persona, and most of all, your music. N-TUNE’s slick on-ear design fits right in, and the pounding bass kicks your sound up to a totally new level. You’ve never heard anything this good. On your ears or around your neck, you make a statement with N-TUNE – loud and strong.


Monster is legendary for making the world’s best headphones, and N-TUNE proves that rule. Slip N-TUNE on, and you’ll hear all your favourite songs again for the first time. Details pop and the bass booms like a full stereo system. Play it as loud as you want, because Monster’s advanced technology keeps your music distortion-free. It’s the experience you want: Ncredible sound, an Ncredible look, at an Ncredible value.


The N-TUNE targets the youth market for those who want a pair of Monster headphones that aren’t Justin Bieber purple. The lightweight design is a forever style that will always look good. The fairly small cans, designed for an on-ear fit, make it easy to wear the headphones all day long. The low profile right angle connector adds to the comfort and flexibility of the headphone.


The headphones also feature Monster's advanced ControlTalk™ Universal, which provides easy music playback control for most Android, Blackberry and smartphone devices.


The N-TUNE is available in a bold blue, black, red and white that matches the colour of your music, now available at Musica for R1999.99. If you are a reseller, you can order directly from the sole Monster distributor in South Africa, Phoenix Distribution by emailing or contacting the Johannesburg office at 011 592 9200 or the Cape Town office at 021 487 4640.


Get it from: 

Phoenix Distribution by emailing

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