Nu-tritious boost for any adventure


Words: Lara de Stadler

The NuSeed range of seed-based snacks offers a convenient and energy-rich alternative to snacking for adventurers who want to start making a healthy lifestyle change without compromising on taste.

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“It is commonly known that consuming nutritious, wholesome food has a huge impact on longevity and physical health,” says Nadine Petzer innovator and key accounts director at NuSeed, a division of NutriSeed. “The challenge has been to find tasty, but convenient low calorie snacks to boost energy levels.”
A new addition to the market, NuSeed offers a healthy replacement for chips and other common snacks consumed while on a new adventure such as hiking, camping and even canoeing.

The ingredients are dry roasted without oil to ensure the nutritional values are not changed, as seeds contain natural, essential oils that benefit the body in a multitude of ways. This ensures that NuSeed offers the vital daily dietary requirements, essential to a healthy lifestyle.

“Seed-based snacks are not just for those following plant-based diets, but anyone who wants to boost their intake of nutrients in the pursuit of better health,” says Petzer.

The biggest percentage of NuSeed products are seeds, without peanut fillers that you find in most trail mixes, which make them unhealthy. Furthermore, seeds have incredible nutrient values and offer powerful health benefits. For instance sunflower seeds aid in lowering cholesterol, contributes to the prevention of colon, prostate and breast cancer, is an antioxidant, induces DNA repair in damaged cells, and calms nerves. Sesame seeds on the other hand aid in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol; offers relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis; impedes colon cancer and osteoporosis; helps to prevent migraine attacks, and assist with vascular and respiratory health. And finally, pumpkin seeds promote prostate health in men and bone mineral density; offers anti-inflammatory benefits in Arthritis; and aids in lowering cholesterol.

“We encourage South Africans to choose a healthier snack alternative while in nature on an adventure by taking along the all-natural, seed-based snacks to boost those energy levels in between meals,” says Petzer.

The NuSeed range is conveniently packed into portion controlled 30g packs, to offer a healthy alternative snack. “Eating portion-controlled amounts of the good kind of fat found in seeds can soothe cravings and keep you from over-indulging in something unhealthier,” Petzer explains.

The sensible snack range is carefully combined by hand and offers exciting variety including Seeds and Nuts with Canadian Blueberry and Cranberry Mélange; Roasted seeds and Calamata Olives; Turkish Fig and Date with Seeds and Nuts; Roasted Seeds with Balsamic Vinegar and Himalayan Salt; Belgian Chocolate with Berries, Seeds and Nuts; and Soy Infused Roasted Seeds.

Reacting to the increased demand for a healthy and convenient alternative to snacking, the NuSeed range is increasing its distribution in the next three months, launching into Clicks nationwide, Pick n Pay nationwide, and selected Spar stores.

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