PUMA pushes you to train for faster this autumn-winter '15


Words: Splash PR and Media Consultants

PUMA has launched its second major Forever Faster brand campaign through a multi-million euro media investment with a dedicated focus on training. Offering up the question “What are you training for?” the global sports brand challenges individuals and teams to put more energy into training and more positivity back into sport.

PUMA’s take on training is that it’s not an end goal but rather a means to a more positive self and a stronger game. The more energy you put in, the more you get back. PUMA Training swaps excuses for endorphins and aims to be faster, stronger and fiercer. No matter what.

Bringing the campaign to life are the unique training stories of PUMA’s elite ambassadors documented on film – including the World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt, multi-platinum recording artist Rihanna, star striker Sergio Agüero, Arsenal Football Club and the Cuban National Boxing team. Shot over the course of four weeks, the film series offers a sneak peak into the training regimen these individuals undergo to make sure they are on top of their game. It intimately captures their motivations and tactics to constantly improve and elevate every game they play with energy, excellence, and enthusiasm. Supporting them in their quest is PUMA’s latest release in the IGNITE family: the IGNITE XT. This high intensity training shoe’s responsive design maximizes energy and movement throughout the campaign.

Part of this integrated training campaign is the new PUMA PACT, a consumer engagement platform available through the PUMATRAC running app and puma.com/training, shareable through social media. It drives the Brand’s rally cry, #NoMatterWhat, and guides consumers with the tools and motivation they would need in their commitment to make themselves faster, stronger and fiercer. The PACT will see PUMA’s elite ambassadors leading and inspiring consumers to train harder like them, #NoMatterWhat.

For more information about PUMA Training and the new IGNITE XT Training footwear, visit puma.com/training.

AW15 PUMA training Q & A with Usain Bolt

How do you train for speed? Any specific tips for training to become faster?
USAIN BOLT: There are many things that help someone run faster – conditioning, strength, speed, power, technique etc. It is not just one factor.You have to train in a variety of ways and cover all the aspects.

What’s a typical training session for you?
UB: There isn’t really a typical session – training for me is either on the track or in the gym. It depends on the time of year and what we are working on. On the track it can be working on everything from endurance to any technical aspect of my race – the start, the drive phase, the transition for both the 100m and 200m. In the gym it’s general conditioning, strength and power.

How often do you train in a year?
UB: I train for 11 months of the year, six days a week. Normally in the morning and then again in the afternoon. It’s a lot of work.

What does training do for you other than the physical abilities?
UB: Training gives you confidence and this helps your state of mind. I know if I’m in good shape it’s going to be very hard to beat me, this confidence is very important in performing well.

What kind of obstacles have you faced and overcame to achieve your goals?
UB: In elite sport injury is always the thing that can slow you down. We push our bodies to the max and sometimes we get a sore or injured muscle or joints. I had several injuries in my career but fortunately I have a good coach and team to help me get back to the top.

Any particular food and drink that help you when you’re training? Are you still liking chicken nuggets?
UB: I have a good diet now, I have a chef who helps me eat well. A lot of chicken, rice, vegetables. Good Jamaican food. It is also important to be well hydrated.

What’s your advice for someone who’s struggling to find motivation to reach their goals?
UB: You have to find that one thing that you know is going to motivate you. You might not enjoy training for example but you have to love competing and winning. If you want these things you have to be determined and train hard.

Has training changed a lot for you in the past few years?
UB: When I started running as a kid, it was fun – I was good at it so I just did it. I didn’t really have to train that much to win races. As I got older I realized that I have to take better care of my body. Now diet, rest, recovery etc. is more important that a few years ago.

What’s your single-most greatest goal ever?
UB: Well, my single greatest goal is to become the greatest, pretty much. That's what I work towards. I want to be remembered as a great sportsman, to have a place in history.

Which other athlete inspires your to become better?
UB: I have always admired Kevin Garnett as he is a player that whether winning or losing he gives his all and inspires those around him to raise their game.

Also my mentor and coach Glen Mills. He used to tell me, “Everybody on the circuit, everybody at the Championships are talented athletes already. It’s the work you put in that makes you a champion, or better that the other talented person.”