RVCA South Africa Tour draws to a close


Words: Craig Jarvis

The RVCA South Africa tour comes to an end today as the RVCA USA Pro Skate team return to California. The team, comprising Julian Davidson, Greyson Fletcher, Josh Harmony, Kevin Long and Aidan Campbell had an enormous wealth of experiences on this trip while travelling through Joburg, Durban and Cape Town and all of them expressed what an amazing country and special trip it was.

The RVCA USA Pro Skate Team and friends, departing after a momentuous South African tour

Photo credit: Sam Clark

They leave behind hundreds of very inspired kids and skateboarding enthusiasts as well as the RVCA South Africa skate team of Yann Horowitz and Khuli Dlamini, who will continue with local and international projects for the rest of the year.

"This tour has been the best," said Greyson Fletcher. "Yann and Khulu showed us around, took us to the good spots and we got to go on a safari. It ruled, and now we gotto go back home and we're all bummed."

South Africa delivered for these Pro Skaters, with all of them impressed with the wealth of excellent skate spots available countrywide, as well as the humble yet talented local skate crew.

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