RVCA South Africa Skate Tour hits Kwazulu-Natal


Words: Craig Jarvis

On Sunday 23 September, a group of the world's best international skateboarders took upon the streets of Johannesburg to film and photograph their tricks for esteemed international publication, Thrasher Magazine, inspiring many local skateboarders and communities of kids along the way.

Kevin Long at the Beachfront park, Durban

Photo credit: Sam Clark

The team of American skateboarders joined the local RVCA South Africa team in the morning at the skatepark in Steyn City. The skatepark was built by an American team and is only accessible to Steyn City residents. The locals were absolutely blown away by the RVCA team flying around the park. The rest of the day was spent skateboarding around Johannesburg.

On Monday, 24 September with special permission from the Soweto Theatre, the team went to skate the premises in Soweto and had what American team photographer called one of the gnarliest skate sessions he has ever seen. After this, all 14 of the crew jumped into the tour vans and made their way to Durban.

Tuesday 25 August - The RVCA South Africa Tour consisting of some of the worlds best professional skateboarders, joined by the local team, arrives in Durban. Having just spent 4 days in Joburg, the team was very glad to see the incredible coastline and the relaxed attitude of the locals.

On their first day in Durban they skated the beachfront park, "Yeah that park is super fun, I had a good time skating there!" said Greyson Fletcher, son of world-famous surfer Christian Fletcher. The rest of the day was spent skating spots along the beachfront with groups of young kids cheering them along wherever they went.

The rest of the week the team will be skating local backyard pools and other street spots, before heading out on Friday to Cape Town for the the last 3 days of the trip. Locals can come watch the skateboarding at the RVCA Mill Street Skatepark Skate Jam on Saturday 29 August at 3pm.

"All of the American skateboarders have been having a really good time in South Africa. They love the attitude of the friendly local kids, the culture differences and the beauty of our country," said RVCA Marketing Manager Melissa Williams, "It's been a great honour to host them and see them inspire so many people along the way, but also be inspired by what they have experienced."

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