RVCA South Africa Skate Tour hits Cape Town


Words: Craig Jarvis

After spending the week in Durban, skating and exploring KZN, the RVCA South Africa Tour reached Cape Town. There was high expectation for their skate jam set for the Mill Street Skate Park on Saturday 29 August, and it all kicked off as expected. The skatepark was full to capacity with over 300 fans and skateboard enthusiasts who cheered wildly as the RVCA USA Pro Skate Team ripped up the park.

Aidan Campbell - #RVCASouthAfricaTour

Photo credit: Sam Clark

The international skaters, Julian Davidson, Greyson Fletcher, Josh Harmony, Kevin Long and Aidan Campbell, were joined by the local RVCA team of Yann Horowitz, and Khulu Dlamini in showing the large crowd some of the best skateboarding ever seen at the Mill Street Park.

South African skaters don't often get to see any international pros at work, let alone some of the best in the world, so the RVCA team in Cape Town was a rare treat and the local skating fraternity and fans were lapping it up.

"It was super cool watching both the South African team and the USA Skate team together at the Mill Street Skate Park and seeing some insane tricks go down," said RVCA South Africa marketing manager Melissa Williams. "They had been skating hard all week in Joburg and Durban, getting photos and video clips for the international Thrasher Magazine article, and despite most of them being injured, they still put on some of the best skateboarding Mill Street has ever seen."

One of the USA skaters, Josh Harmony, was upbeat about his trip to South Africa, and the local kids who attended the skate demos.

"I'm not sure what I expected," said Josh of his first trip to South Africa. "I think my first impression came from watching Endless Summer 1, where they came to Africa to surf, so it was a little bit different because we were staying in the cities. I thought that both Durban and Joburg were pretty cool with lots of great skate spots. The kids here are so stoked as well, and their view on skateboarding is really pure."

After spending some time sight-seeing in Cape Town, the USA team will return to California on Monday 31 August.

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