Power-packed lunchbox ideas


Words: Gullan & Gullan

We know you want to give your kids the best possible lunchboxes, without breaking the budget. We’ve rounded up our top five power packed lunchbox ideas to keep tummies full and energy levels up. These nutrient-filled sarmies will fit into your budget – and your kid’s lunchbox.

Up the protein
Make a protein-packed sarmie by combining peanut butter and bananas, on healthy Blue Ribbon Classic Brown bread. Two sarmies will be enough to keep full during class, and to last the afternoon on the sports field. Approximate price per sandwich: R5,60

Tummy filler
Hardboiled eggs and ham on fresh bread is a deliciously affordable way to keep tummies full for a whole school day. Make a sarmie with slices of hardboiled egg and thin slices of sandwich ham or leftover meat for a nutrient packed lunchbox.
Approximate price per sandwich: R4,60

Cheesy treat
To use up leftovers at the end of the month, mix together Bovril or Marmite with a little bit of butter or margarine, then add a little cheese spread for a yummy savoury sarmie filling. Try it on Blue Ribbon Classic White for a flavour filled sarmie. Approximate price per sandwich: R4,90

Mighty mince
Did you know that soya mince is a perfect protein? That means it’s just as good as giving your little ones meat, without the price tag. Use leftover spicy, savoury soya mince as a nutrient-dense filling for sarmies – it’s delicious on Blue Ribbon Classic White or Classic Brown. Approximate price per sandwich: R3,20

Avocado kick
Healthy fats are important for kids who are on the go throughout the day. Buy avocados in bulk and allow them to ripen at home – mashed or sliced avocado with salt and pepper is a nutritious filling, and scrumptious on brown bread. Combine with boiled eggs and leftover meat, if you have some, otherwise it’s delicious on its own. Approximate price per sandwich: R4,80

Along with one of these low-cost sarmie combinations, fill lunchboxes with cheap and healthy snacks, such as:
Carrot sticks (around 50c a carrot)
Apples (around R1,60 an apple)
Oranges (around R2 an orange)
Popcorn (Around R1,50 a portion)

Blue Ribbon bread is packed full of vitamins, minerals and fibre to give your little ones the head start they need. Healthy sarmies made with Blue Ribbon bread will fill lunchboxes (and tummies), without breaking your budget.

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