PURE Improve Endurance

PURE Blast is formulated to provide athletes with advanced endurance and strength during their work-out. It combines hydrolysed protein (super-fast digesting protein) with excellent sources of energy, such as Vitargo, to intensify your training session – preventing your body from going into “break-down” mode, while providing enough energy to maximise your workout capacity.


PURE BCAA consists of an ideal combination of muscle-specific amino acids to combat muscle breakdown during physical stress and intense exercise. It provides a source of auxiliary fuel during endurance exercise. Formulated using state-of-the-art research, BCAA is one of the few available muscle-building supplements that provide a 4:1:1 scientifically proven ratio of BCAAs for improved results.


PURE Glutamine is expertly formulated for increased availability of muscular L-Glutamine – providing enhanced muscle gains due to optimum protein metabolism and rapid recovery. It also serves as an immune system booster, especially for endurance athletes (cycling, ultra-distance triathletes) and body builders.


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