Deep South Rally run

Event Date: 

Monkey Valley Restaurant, Beach Road, Noordhoek

Western Cape

EVENT VENUE: Monkey Valley Restaurant, Beach Road, Noordhoek. This is off the road that takes you to Noordhoek Beach.

EVENT COST: R120.00pp
You finish line drink will be a choice of beer/ glass of wine/wine/soft drink/water… and we will have random lucky draws and a bar podium.

DISTANCE: 8km. Country road, dirt road, horse trail, beach, hiking trail.

The idea/plan with these first few runs is to teach runners the concept of “Rally book styled running” or “Route book running”. As we progress – after a few local runs – we will add more adventure into the mix with more off road running and even some night runs. Some of the turns might be marked with orange tags to confirm entry at that point. You will visit designated check points on route.

All of this = great fun, laughter and adventure! Certainly one of the better ways to spend time with your mates. Solos/teams will set off about 30 seconds apart to allow you all to benefit from working out the route yourself.

It’s actually a bit like a scroll rather than a “book”. See example [image to follow soon] and description below.

On the left, the large number is the distance [meter or km] into the trail. The smaller number in the left box is the distance from one item to the next. In the middle is the “Tulip” which is a drawing showing the trail, terrain, and landmarks at that particular distance.You enter each tulip drawing from the black dot at the bottom-middle of the drawing. On the right is an observation giving more information about that tulip.

Solo male
Solo Female
Mixed team
Female team
Male team

Teams can consist of 2-6 runners.