Even more records! Windsurfers over 50 knots!


Today Antoine Albeau, after having smashed the 50 knots barrier several times reached 51 knots twice, ending with the best performance of the day, registering a New World Record in Windsurfing: 51.69 knots.


Anders Bringdal our Swedish representative was battling with Antoine a long time over the 50 knots. Both of them have reached 51.34 knots on the same time! He improved the Swedish record as well as the World Record on production boards with 51.34 knots.


Patrick Diethelm who kept the attention these past few days also broke the 50 knots barrier, finishing with the New Swiss Record: 50.49 knots.


Jurjen Van der Noord, who opened the day, joined the 50 knots club reaching 50.41 knots


Cédric Bordes reached 50.17 knots after being close to it during the 1st part of the day. Farrell O'Shea improved his British Record today with 48.82 knots. Mark Grinnell from South Africa and Matthias Rottcher from Namibia were still fighting for the African Record in Windsurfing, improving both of them their National Records in the discipline: Mark: 48.86 / Matthias: 47.34


Zara Davis from the United Kingdom, who is the actual Female World Record Holder in Windsurfing was followed by Lena Erdil from Turkey improving together: Zara: 45.83 / Lena: 45.74


Christian Bornemann who has broken the German record in Windsurfing is now getting closer to the National Multi-discipline Record (46.26 kts) with 46.18 knots followed by his countryman Dieter Gerichhausen who has also improved his speed today with 44.69 knots.



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