Holten ITU Sprint European Cup

Words: Wian Sullwlad

Wian Sullwald, junior world triathlon champion, finished 8th at the Holten ITU Premium Sprint Cup this past weekend (29-30 June).

Australia’s Declan Wilson was the winner in 56 minutes and 18 seconds. His compatriot, Brendan Sexton, was 2nd in 56:27 and Ben Kanute 3rd in 56:39. The event consisted of 700m swimming, 20km cycling and 5km running.
Sullwald’s time was 57:05.


“Although my race was satisfactory, I am not completely happy. I made some mistakes that proved costly”, Sullwald said.
“It is rewarding to know that I clocked the fourth fastest time during the 5km run, but in a triathlon it does not help to run a good time when you had lost as much time as I had during the swimming and cycling.


“I had a terrible swim and lost the first pack. This was very frustrating for me because I am normally out the water with the leaders.


“Things became worse for me during the 20km cycle. The group in which I was riding split up. I was at the back when it happened, which meant that I missed going with the breakaway.


“All of us who missed the breakaway tried valiantly to close the gap on the leaders. We did make up some time, but were still at a disadvantage going into the run.


“I realized that I would have to run very hard, trying to make up some positions, if I wanted to get the best result that was possible in the circumstances.


“Therefore, ignoring my body’s protestations, I pushed myself deep into the red while running. All that mattered was to get the best result I could.


“I guess that, after all, finishing 8th was not too bad a result. It actually boosted my confidence that I was able to fight back after such a bad start..”


Sullwald’s next race is the ITU World Cup on 14 July in Palamos.


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