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Guerrilla ActionMan is an adventure race that includes mountain biking and trail running, but with the twist of some air gun action! Born in South Africa, it’s the only adventure event of its kind in the world and can be enjoyed by anyone.



Even though it’s a fun-filled event, the organisers take weapons very seriously and see this event as an excellent way of educating our youth and adults about the correct protocols and ethics when dealing with weapons. Furthermore, it is about bringing back an activity that’s been a big part of our South African culture in an enjoyable and safe way, and in a controlled environment.


ActionMan is split into three main events: ActionMan, ActionKids, and ActionBrats. Teams are welcome in the ActionMan event and it’s not just something for the men. Ladies, this is your opportunity to kick some butt as well. This event really caters to everyone and to make it hassle free, all air rifles and handguns are supplied on the day!



This event is for women, men, and teams aged 14 plus. It starts at 08h00 with a 5 km trail run that leads to a shooting range and this is where participants get to take three shots at a target, using a Crosman TR77 air rifle. From there, you’ll enter the transmission area and hop onto your mountain bike for a 20 km trail ride. Once the ride is completed, you move into the last 2.5 km stretch trail run, which ends back at the shooting range. But it doesn’t end there because there’s still loads more action ahead to test and challenge you. At the range, you will take another three shots at a target, but this time using a Browning BUK URX hand air gun. Thereafter, as you make your way towards the finishing line, there’s an obstacle course to be conquered before you reach the red carpet and a welcoming, cold Guerrilla Energy Drink, a medal, and finishing photo of your accomplishment - because you will have proved yourself to be a worthy ACTIONMAN!



This event is for kids that range in age between 7 and 13. The fun starts at 10h30 as the ActionKids head off on a 300 m trail run that ends at the shooting range. They are also required to shoot three times at a target, with a Crosman TR77 air rifle. From there, they move into the transition area and get onto their mountain bikes for a 2 km trail ride. This is followed by a 300 m run, which also ends up back at the shooting range. A Browning BUK URX hand air gun is the weapon of choice for the next three shots at a target. Although the end may be in sight, there’s still a tricky obstacle course to get over, under, and through before crossing the finishing line. Successful participants receive a cold Guerrilla Energy Drink or ice cold juice, a medal, and finishing photo, a memento of when they became a true ACTIONKID!




This event caters for the littlies that are aged between 1 and 6, and parents or other family members are encouraged to assist and motivate their child throughout the course. It starts at 11h15 and is sure to be one of those moments that will have their parents bragging about for days, probably even months after the event. They begin with a 30 m run, walk, crawl, or pick up from mom or dad. Next up is the shooting range, where they get to shoot a Browning BUK URX hand air gun, with the help of their parent, of course. From there, it’s a fun 1 km bike, tricycle, y-bike, or any other mode of transportation, once again assisted by the parents or family member, followed by another 30 m run, with mom or dad, towards the obstacle course. Then it’s up, over, under and through the obstacles, all with the encouragement of the onlooking crowds and proud parents, and finally on to the finishing line. They too receive their very own medal, a well-deserved ice-cold juice, and finishing photo, so mom and dad can boast about their incredible ACTIONBRAT!


In addition to all the wonderful prizes, participants receive a goodie bag that is sure to delight. In this treasure trove you will find an ActionMan T-shirt, Guerrilla cap, Guerrilla Carbon Man Knife, Guerrilla Energy Drink, and Guerrilla XXX 4.5 mm pellets, all worth a whopping R450-00.


If you are a bit concerned about the shooting aspect in the events, don’t be. The shooting range is professionally erected in a very safe environment and there are professional marshals at each weapon’s point to assist and implement weapon safety procedures. The marshals are also there to assist everyone and make this experience as fun as possible. •


We encourage you all to come and join us at one of the following action-packed events:


4 August 2013
Ludwig’s Rose Farm, Pretoria, Gauteng


8 September 2013
Babbas Lodge, Pretoria, Gauteng


20 October 2013
Babbas Lodge, Pretoria, Gauteng


24 November 2013
Babbas Lodge, Pretoria, Gauteng North


8 December 2013
Babbas Lodge, Pretoria, Gauteng North


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