Review: Headsweats Headgear

Words: Devin Ashman & Susan Sloan │Photos: Courtesy of TriBrands & Susan Sloan

Headsweats have become the preferred headwear of many athletes worldwide and now South African athletes can enjoy this top-quality brand too. TriBrands, an online store that sells a top-quality range of performance hats and visors, has secured the distribution rights of the Headsweats brand in South Africa.

Offering custom Headsweats products suited for sports clubs, companies and sports teams, as well as official Ironman® branded hats and visors, TriBrands will also deliver Headsweats’ products directly to your door.


The Headsweats’ story

Headsweats Perspiration Technology Headwear® was founded in the winter of 1998 by shoe industry veteran and obsessed cyclist, Alan Romick. Frustrated by the perils of heavy sweat blindness, migrating sunscreen, and odd sunburn pattern on his head through his helmet, he set out to develop headgear that worked. Encouraged by the constant feedback within the local cycling community, he took the best attributes of what was available and improved on them. Starting with one product - the Cotton Classic - available at first in just four colours, Alan’s products quietly became elite athlete’s secret weapon around the world, eventually expanding to over 17 different products available in more than 140 different colours and styles. 


After appearing on a Tour de France rider on the front of The New York Times sports section, that secret weapon became an open secret and soon Headsweats were running in and winning Ironman Kona, The Head of the Charles Regatta, and countless marathons and bike races around the world. With well over a million hats delivered, Headsweats now has more triathlon finishers and podiums than any other headwear company. 


Today, the Headsweats line includes washable, air-light, supremely wicking hats that now dominate the triathlon, rowing, and adventure racing worlds. Alan continues to work relentlessly to bring the most cutting-edge, advanced and fun headwear products to new markets for construction workers, chefs, police forces, snow-boarders, and marathoners alike.


Put to the test

With all the hype around this headgear, DO IT NOW Magazine asked athlete Susan Sloan to put the Race Hat, a cap, and Supervisor, a visor, to the test, and this is what she had to say.



Both the cap and visor have a convenient towelling headband insert, which is soft for the area that comes into contact with the skin on your forehead, thus providing extra comfort. The headband also creates a perfect absorbent band that prevents any sweat from getting into your eyes while running. Absorbing the sweat onto a soft (as opposed to a rougher scratchy non-absorbent) material also helps prevent blocked pores and bad skin along that band on your forehead, which can happen with other brands. The soft material is also less likely to leave an imprint on your forehead like other caps when you take them off after exercise.


Cool and snug

The cap is made with a soft, breathable material, which keeps your head cool, while moulding around the shape of your head. The peak cap, with an elastic back, is quick and easy to put on without needing any adjustments, which is handy especially in a sport like triathlon where you’re putting it on while on the run. The elastic is also nice and tight, even for a smaller head like mine, so it doesn’t slide or move around on your head, giving a proper snug fit.



The front-inside of the caps (sweatband and peak) is grey and black in colour, which also stops them from looking dirty. Best of all, the Headsweats can be washed in the washing machine, so they are easy to keep clean after use as well.



Headsweats are available for purchase at, and for more information, contact


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