New Adidas Hydrophobic Lens

Words: Marlize Odendaal

The sports eyewear specialist adidas eyewear is making blurred views a thing of the past, with its Hydrophobic™ filter technology! Set to be launched in September 2013, the innovative, hydrophobic LST™ H/H+ filters are designed to ensure optimal vision, even in rainy conditions.

The special hydrophobic coating allows for perfect unrestricted vision therefore you no longer need to worry about having your vision obscured by drops of water, streaks and dirt. Designed to improve the safety of all outdoor sports enthusiasts out in the terrain, the new hydrophobic LST™ polarised H+, LST™ blue light filter H and LST bright H filters quickly repel water drops, leaving no annoying streaks on the filters. Particles of dirt and dust are simply washed away. The LST™ filter technology harmonises rapid changes from light to shadow and increases contrasts, helping you to identify any bumps on the ground or on the cliffs, improving perception of roots and stones. The special filters have a protection level of 3 and provide 100% protection from UV and blue light rays. The Hydrophobic™ filters will feature in various models, including the evil eye half rim.


Explanation hydrophob lenses:

H+ = lens with hydrophobic coating on the front and back side


Product Features

• New: hydrophobic lenses
• Quick change lens system
• System with special technical lens lockTM for an easy and quick lens changing.
• The logo on the slide is elevated for a better grip
• Easy exchange of the lenses
• Stressless fixation of the lenses
• Less fingerprints on the lenses
• Best vision
• Convex logo part on the slide for a better grip pushing the slide
• Temples design with longer traction grip
• Helmcompatible temples: perfect fit with all helmets
• Temple grip system (traction grip): perfect handling with sweat fingers, perfect handling with gloves
• Specific designed lens shape for biker
• Wrap-around Protection
• Wrap-around View: no disturbing or vision blocking from side, above and the bottom. No vision disorders through durst, sand, wind, insects
• 10 base Decentered Vision AdvantageTM PC lenses in halfrim frame


Light Stabilizing Technology

• Lightweight
• Excellent, comfortable fit : very flexible due to SPXTM material
• Quick-Release HingeTM temples with traction grip: does not slip
• Comes in its own hardcase (Competition


Equipment concept:



• Clear vision
• Antifog lenses
• Ventilation system inspired by clima cool technology
• Wrap around vision
• Base 10 lens
• High based frame
• RX –possibilities:
• Performance inserts
• Performance glazing adapter for glazing with Base 8 lenses



• No supply air
• TRI.FITTM temple
• No harmful UV-rays
• LST Lens



• Flexible
• Flex ZonesTM
• SPX material
• Especially light
• Halfrim design
• SPX material
• PC lens material
• Ideal individual fitting
• 2 Sizes for a perfect custom fit
• TRI.FITTM temple
• Double-Snap Nose BridgeTM for perfect fitting and protection
• Extended nose version available



• PC lens material
• SPX Material


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