Fairview Attakwas Extreme MTB Challenge 2016

Event Date: 
Western Cape

South Africa’s premier one-day race will stage its 10th edition in 2016 – nearly ten years since that inaugural event in 2007, with a start list then, shorter than the current crew list and with no idea where this would take us, Dryland took this task to hand. South African’s and their appetite for tough endurance events projected the Attakwas into legendary and cult-like status over the next couple of years; this was the race to do if you wanted to test mind, body and machine!

Let’s look at a couple of interesting statistics: The budget for the entire race in 2007, including TV production and all race related expenses is far less than Dryland currently spends on water points only!; in the inaugural year, the entry form was hand drawn ( a copy of this will be available on our social media platforms) by Katot Meyer, legendary conservationist and co-founder of the race; the plan in 2007 was to present a reverse of the current route every second year – this idea was very quickly discarded off when realization set in that the January afternoon temperatures of Oudtshoorn would come into play, not fun dealing with 50° Celsius in the sun…..!

This brings us to the real reason for this newsletter, yes entries are opening on June 1 and we seriously urge riders to enter early – we deal with a huge number of very disappointed people every year when they miss their chance to ride due to entries selling out in days – this year we predict that the allocated entries will sell within hours!

Fairview has decided to reward those very prompt and loyal customers by offering the first 10 Fairview Attakwas completed entries (payable by credit card only and shown as fully paid on our system) for only R10.00 each. This is how it works; entries for Attakwas opens on 12 noon Monday 1 June, at 10 that morning the entry system will allow 10 entrants to grab an entry for only 100 cents!

Fairview Attakwas Extreme MTB Challenge 2016