Oude Meester Demant Launches Special Edition Bottle

Words & Photos: Red Flag

Oude Meester Demant was created to celebrate Oude Meester’s Diamond Jubilee (60th anniversary). The result of years of dedication and tradition, Oude Meester Demant potstilled brandy embodies the master blender’s pursuit of faultless quality – a fact reflected in the brand’s diamond symbol of exceptional purity.

The new Special Edition Oude Meester Demant is as rare and striking as the diamond that inspired it. Oude Meester’s pursuit of excellence and quality is brought to life in the special edition packaging through the use of Applied Ceramic Labeling to the entire bottle. It is still the same masterful taste but only now housed in a bottle that reflects the style and flair of a Modern Master.


Oude Meester Demant is a unique blend of the finest brandies, double distilled in Savalle copper potstills for exceptional flavour. It is a progressive, premium brandy with a distinctive flavour that delivers the highest purity. The colour of the brandy has a luminous amber clarity that sparkles with promise. A brilliant rich chocolate and nutmeg aroma accompanied by hints of apricot and pineapple reach the nose. Apricot and pineapple on the palette are balanced with hints of tobacco, chocolate and subtle oak tantalizes taste buds.


The masterful taste has been recognised and awarded both locally and internationally with a Gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition as well as being Voted New York’s Favourite Brandy.


The superbly smooth taste offers an easy drinking experience for these modern masters to celebrate their accomplishments every day.


The Oude Meester Demant Special Edition is available exclusively at Pick N Pay outlets until the end of July.


Oude Meester. To the Masters.


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