Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week #43

Words: The Wild Bird Trust | Photos: Antero Topp

After a few weeks away working on Africa’s most endangered parrot this wonderful collection of wild bird photographs reminds us that there is so much left to save.

This world of ours is still filled with amazing, vibrant wild birds that will take your breath away and astound at first sight. The most beautiful are often the rarest and restricted to small remnant patches of their former natural habitat. Birds are the direct descendants of the dinosaurs and have had millions of years to specialize and modify themselves to occupy every available niche on the surface of planet earth. Over this time they have also created the most amazing tails, crests, colors, designs, patterns, calls, chirps, gurgles, spurs, beaks and much else. Not to mention they can FLY! In short, birds are amazing and we need to pay them more attention in our daily lives.


Join the Wild Bird Revolution today!! Be the first to introduce your friends, family and colleagues to the freedom and splendor of birds in the wild! Advances in digital photography have given us the opportunity to capture the beauty and freedom of birds in the wild like never before. Here are the “Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week” drawn from the thousands of photographs submitted to the Wild Bird Trust for consideration every week. Celebrate the freedom and splendor of birds in the wild with us and stimulate positive change by sharing how beautiful the birds of the world really are.


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