DO IT NOW for the Hunger and Thirst Foundation @ 94.7 Cycle Challenge

Be a part of the DO IT NOW FOR THE HUNGER AND THIRST FOUNDATION team that is taking part in Jo’burg’s toughest race, the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge, on 11 November & 18 November 2012 (MTB & Road Race respectively). With favourable starting times and a ton of fun to be had, your efforts will be rewarded by helping us raise funds for the Hunger and Thirst Foundation, a non-profit organisation that believes in changing the future by investing in future leaders today.

BUSINESSES who sponser R3000 can proudly display their logo on the team jersey, which every entrant will receive. This money will go towards feeding, equipping and restoring dreams, as well as changing a child’s destiny for a year. Our ultimate goal is for companies to continue supporting that child on an ongoing basis.

INDIVIDUALS can make donations per kilometre towards the cause and this will go into a pool that will be used to assist another child or children. Sponsorship per kilometre forms can be designed on request. Individuals are also encouraged to approach businesses - big or small - for sponsorship per kilometre or another option could be sponsorship based on bettering your time from previous 94.7 Challenges. For example, beat your previous time by five minutes and the business sponsors a child for a year; beat it by 10 minutes and the business sponsors two children for a year and so on. Let’s make this FUN!

We are inviting everyone we know to be a part of our team. Our aim is to have a team of 200 riders all riding in our team jersey. So if you are keen to join us, then we also encourage you to extend the invite to anyone you know and build a ‘tour de force’.

* Price of jersey to be confirmed

Let's ride together, have fun and make a positive change to the destiny of our future leaders!

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• If a donation comes through for 200 children or more the program can be rolled out anywhere in South Africa.

• For every 1000 children on the program 109 jobs are created.

• For every 10 000 children in a specific area,a satellite factory can be erected in that area which would be owned by that community.