Armin Senoner, new world record holder in speedriding.


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With over 152.9 km/h down the Königspitze in Solda in the Ortler Alps. Thus not only breaks the existent world record but also passes the 150 km/h.

It is about a year ago now that Armin Senoner has decided to attempt to break the French François Bon's 2006 speed riding world record. He, therefore, endeavoured to do it faster with his skies and speedride-wing by jumping off the 3859m high Königspitze Mountain.

Flo Hagena or Hannes Niederkofler

This world record attempt has demanded a lot of preparations. Not only would the speedrider need to be in good shape physically and mentally but also his manager, Bartolomeus Kohl has had to play a major role. Moreover, he had to ensure that all technical and infrastructural support has been provided correctly in addition to all other formalities concerning the record breaking's legislation.

Just like for any aeronautical and astronautical activities worldwide, with regards to speed riding, the FAI – World Air Sports Federation (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) is also the organisation that deals with ratifying its world and continental records as well as coordinating the organisation of international competition.

Armins's manager had to get in touch with the FAI's office in Lausanne as the groundwork was taking place already to prepare all meetings in relations to the event. He has had many discussions with the experts so the rules set by them will be followed by the speedrider.
After thorough inspections, they have also confirmed Armin's speedriding-wing measurement, carefully considering each parameter as well all equipment used during the competition.

Finally, the persistent hard work has paid off, as Armin's attempt to break the world record has been successful. 19. March 2015, Armin had amazingly broken the previous record which was held by Francoise Bon, as he has completed his speed riding by 152,9 km/h from the top of the 3859 m high Königspitze Mountain.

As expected, members of the FAI's experts were present throughout the competition since they had to supervise the event. Armin's speed was followed by a special GPS device by, which was recommended by the FAI and is used specially for aero sports activities.

The new world record trial took place according to all rules and regulations; furthermore the FAI observer confirmed that the previous world record held by Francois Bon at 146.46 km/h had been broken by Armin Senoner.

Therefore today, Armin Senoner will be registered as the new world record holder for the reason that his speed was faster than before at 152,9 km/h, as he successfully completed his daring speedride from the mighty Königspitze at Solda in Italy