Brian Grubb to Wakeskate Ice Burg formations in Cape Cod


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No stranger to taking the sport of wakeskating, which is similar to skateboarding but on water, to unexpected places, professional athlete Brian Grubb saw the “once-in-a-lifetime” weather phenomenon of icebergs washing ashore along Cape Cod as an opportunity to get creative.

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WELLFLEET (MA, USA) - It's been a gnarly winter for the Northeastern states of the USA – while the west coast is closing ski resorts early, the east is on full powder patrol. But that's not what had wakeskate pioneer Brian Grubb earlier this week (despite his love of snowboarding). The revolutionary rider – who has already taken wakeskating to the rice terraces of the Philippines and the snowy fields of Bosnia – saw a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride somewhere truly unique: on and around icebergs. On Cape Cod.

It was made possible by the freakishly cold winter the northeast US has been having, in which cold winter storms dump meters and meters of snow on Boston, and created the cold conditions that allowed ice to form in the northern Atlantic, and drift down towards Cape Cod, south of Boston.

Grubb – who spent much of life in New Hampshire, just a few hours away – recognized opportunity when he saw it, and hopped on a last-minute flight to score the sesh. Setting up a winch near the town of Wellfleet, he was able to walk out on the ice in Cape Cod Bay, then grab the tow rope for a wild ride back in around (and over) the icebergs.

The session comes just a few weeks after Brian's incredible edit from Bosnia was released, in which he wakeskated over powdery snow a few kilometres from Sarajevo. Both projects align with Grubb's desire to take wakeskating out from behind the boat, and put it in unexpected places.

See Brian's full Bosnia shred

Now, the only question is where Grubb will elect to take his winch and wakeskate next – although we are going to hazard a guess: after ripping around snow and icebergs, he might be ready to check out some place warm.