The clock is ticking for the world record attempt at the mighty Königspitze!


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A pair of skis, a special para-glider, suitable weather and lots of snow and ready is the perfect Speedride.

Speedriding is a new extreme winter sport, which combines two disciplines: paragliding and skiing.

The wings are very small to achieve a faster speed but as well to be more agile, this allows to ride down almost every terrain and mountain. That makes this sport so unique but bares as well risk for inexperienced riders. A good knowledge of Skiing, an overall experience in flying and lots of training in the mountains enable Armin Senoner to perform this daring intend.

Armin Senoner- mountain guide, Free-skier and professional Speedrider

The 33-year-old Italian athlete Armin Senoner, compete for several years successfully in various Speedride-competitions and achieved numerous podium places. Sportsmen are known to be constantly looking for new challenges and aiming always for new goals, so is Armin Senoner: Together with his manager Bartolomeus Kohl the young athlete plans to break the existingspeedriding World Record of the Frenchmen François Bon (146,46km/h – 91,006mph). Already Mid-March Senoner wants to fly down from the 3859 meter high Königspitze situated at Solda in the Ortler Alps with a speed of over 150 km/h (93,206 mph).

Only a few days to the World record attempt on the mighty Königspitze

For several months Senoner exercise hard, actually harder than usual, because his big goal requires more discipline and greater efforts than normally:A comprehensive work out program, precise material tests, many press-gigs and last but not least a special LYO FOOD diet are just some factors to support Armin project. The training of the past months, especially of the last few weeks was tough. The Italian athlete wants to appear in top shape while coming down the majestic Königspitze.

Careful selection of materials and important tests

From the right equipment to the correct choice of the wing, till the proper skis and the custom made racing suit, had to be made a careful selection, because only then Armin has the greatest chance of the least resistance to beat the world record in speedriding.

The design of the racing suit was determined mid-December by a worldwide design contest and the winning design by the design-student Katherina Obletter was then made to measure from the Italian seamstress Nadine Lantschner and equipped for safety with RECCO avalanche probes. Of course, Senoner had to carry out many tests to choose the best skis and to pick the right wing. Sport will give you anything for free, but that the world record attempt can be successful, we hope besides the best weather conditions as well for the right dose of luck. Within all the meticulous preparation another very important factor should not be forgotten:

Safety first

Talking about the safety of the young sportsman, even the best and most conscientious preparation does not guarantee an injury-free success, after all, is Armin depart from one of the highest mountains of Italy is no picnic. For this reason, Armin already spent a lot of time on the Solda glacier of the Ortler Alps in order to adapt to the diverse conditions of this amount can. Senoner speaks with the Sulden mountain rescue and exchanges information’s with the mountaineers regularly. Also wind, weather and snow conditions are closely monitored and analyzed. Such a project requires not only good planning and strong nerves, but also a wide amount of technique, because without electronic support such project would be unimaginable. The structure of a complex timing measurement at this height would be too dangerous, so Armin's speed is measured with a special GPS device by Only the support of today’s electronic devices allows Senoner to perform such trial on the harsh Königspitze.

To ensure the athletes no danger at his extreme attempt not only by using modern technology, the Alpine School Ortler, with a specially for this attempt selected team will grant for Armin's safety. Decisive is the day of record, besides the interaction of weather and snow conditions certainly the start will be, because once started there is no turning back. From that moment on Senoner will have to face it all alone. "All the elements that we can control, will be controlled at our best. It is mainly up to Armin how he will deal with the extreme and harsh conditions at the 3,859 meter high Königspitze and to be the best possible way prepared for his world record trial,"states Bartolomeus Kohl, the athlete manager.

In a few weeks we will know whether all the use of technology, the right choice of the material his hard training and proper nutrition paid off; it remains thrilling around Armin Senoner´s world record attempt.