High noon – time for new world record in Sulden am Ortler


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The town of Sulden (Solda in Italian) lies at the foot of the Ortler Alps, or as sometimes otherwise referred as the king of the Eastern Alps. Sulden am Ortlet’s ski resort is located in one of Europe’s largest parks, in the Stelvio National Park. It is such an inspirational place, you soon find a breathtakingly beautiful scenery of mountains and glaciers. Here you undoubtedly find a paradise of snow.

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One easily becomes enchanted as travelling to Sulden, as the way to this beautiful place in Southern Tyrol really has a magical touch to nature for the reason that it perfectly projects the constructed environment and its harmony.

As you arrive to town, there are many elite accommodation such as hotels and apartments to choose from. One thing is for certain, the locals are very hospitable and no doubt you can relax in this well-developed town.

Sulden is mostly visited by winter sports lovers during the season from all over Europe. Sulden am Ortler’s ski resort offers something for everyone and skiers of all abilities tend to enjoy the atmosphere.

The slope system is watched over by the eyes of sublime mountain peaks including the avalanche free slopes, which have been developed over the years with nature’s blessing to the place. This is why you can enjoy the freeriding activities here, as otherwise due to the danger of avalanche is banned in Italy.
Once you have done the short journey by the biggest cable railways in the Alps, the beautiful Königspitze can be seen.

Although the 3859 m high mountain peak can be seen very well from summit ropeway-station already, you get the best glimpse of the most beautiful panoramic view from the Beltovo II 4 person ski lift at 3250 m at Schöntaufspitze.
This panoramic view, particularly in broad sunshine is priceless.

In the heart of the Stelvio National’s Park, Sulden’s location has been home to the 3rd Speedriding Tour event on April 11. & 12. 2015, which is a series of events in the world of speedriding. Speedriding is a sport that has combined elements of paragliding and skiing, and as the maximum enjoyment as you start off from the top of the mountains grows in proportion with the amount of snow powder, the two organisers, Armin Senoner and Bartolomeus Kohl could not have chosen any better place but this breathtakingly snowy Sulden am Ortler’s ski resort.

Not only will Armin be our host at his Speedriding Tour event, but also he is a pro speedrider, skier and also has mountain leader duties in Sulden, as well as likes to climb the glaciers in his free time.

He is returning to Sulden to attempt to break the French sportsman, Francois Bon’s 2006 Speedriding world record. Armin would like to beat the record by jumping off the top of the Königspitze Mountain at 3859 m height and pass the 150 km/h mark.

An attempt like this requires thorough preparations, simply Armin’s talent and knowledge would not be enough and safe. In the background www.digitalapls.it must provide serious technical conditions as well as their expertise and cooperation. Even the special mountain rescue school, Alpinschule Ortler is requested to specially focus on this event and to follow every step of the young Italian’s move to make sure that he is safe all the way. Not only do they look after Armin but additionally they are safeguarding Königspitze and Sulden’s great reputation as well.