Happy Hi-Tec Documentary Kicks Off


Kim Stephens

Global Walkumentary Campaign

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things while walking

 The unsung hero of Pharrell’s clap-happy pop video, the world’s greatest marriage proposal and a child’s fascination with dead pirates are the inspiration for a series of documentaries created by outdoor brand, Hi-Tec.

 “The Walkumentary Series” is an online documentary project conceived and   produced by Amsterdam-based agency, this that + the other. The films demonstrate how walking can lead to extraordinary things, and Hi-Tec inspires people to walk.

 The first film, “Happy,” features Jon Beattie, the Steadicam operator who captured the action in Pharrell Williams’ acclaimed ”24 Hours of Happy” music video. With the song as its soundtrack, Jonathan narrates his bizarre filming experience walking backwards through the crowded streets of Los Angeles for 10 miles a day for 11 days, strapped to the 100-pound camera.

 The second execution is a love story entitled “Yassan’s Proposal,” which documents the world’s biggest marriage proposal by the record-breaking Tokyo artist, Yassan. It all starts when Yassan, an aspiring artist with a mundane day job, decides to throw the dice of

life. He quits his job, packs his bags, and tells his girlfriend he will hit the road for a new art project. That is partly true. Yassan has figured out a way to create the world’s greatest marriage proposal - writing a gigantic ‘MARRY ME?’ in gps art. To do so he has to cross all of Japan. For six long months his girlfriend barely hears a thing from him. Absence might have caused her heart to wander, but when Yassan finally shows up with the gps proposal written all over Japan, she immediately and wholeheartedly says ‘YES’!  

“Pirates” follows as the next Walkumentary.  Sonia and Alexandre Poussin embarked on a two-year Madagascan adventure with their children Ulysse and Philae in search of a mythical pirate burial plot. The French family navigate swamps and jungles accompanied by animated animals, including comedic crocodiles, parrots and iguanas that pop in and out of the story.

Teaser of all 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngGhM3DFh3w

Proposal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqmn4jqRNEU

HAPPY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hrGvTpgAHs

Pirates: http://youtu.be/T9ozYD94vNg

“In an era where technology drives an ever-increasing pace of life, there is a need to slow down. The simple act of walking can lead to extraordinary things and Hi-Tec inspires people to walk. The Walkumentary Series makes you re-think humanities oldest mode of transportation. ‘Walking is the most democratic of sports’, according to Hi-Tec CEO Ed van Wezel. ‘Anyone can do it, anywhere, always. Whether you walk the Chinese wall to meet an old friend for the last time or just take your dog for a stroll, the act of ambulation has always inspired great stories. Our aim is to capture those unique stories with The Walkumentary Series.”  - Ed van Wezel, Chief Executive of Hi-Tec

 The Walkumentary Series is designed as a teaser prior to the launch of new walking products in 2015, reinforcing Hi-Tec’s position as the leading outdoor brand.