Karkloof Classic MTB Festival

19/04/2013 - 21/04/2013

The Best MTB Fest in SA! The much anticipated 2013 Karkloof Classic is up next on the 19th, 20th and 21st April. SA’s Biggest MTB Festival brings you no less than 6 events over the weekend, including the much anticipated STIHL Enduro on Saturday and the PERI Night Race on Friday evening.


What is Enduro?
Enduro is a relatively new format which appears to have taken some inspiration from both car rally and motorbike enduro racing. Mountain bike enduro is essentially the competitive side of the mountain biking format often referred to today as “All-Mountain”. It is a stage-race format where the winner is the rider who accumulates the lowest combined time from the various timed sections, in this case single track sections within the Karkloof Valley. The STIHL Karkloof enduro race consists of 2 timed “special” single track sections which take place on moderately technical single track sections, all flat or downhill. Due to this eclectic combination of attributes, Enduro racing is increasingly recognised as the truest test of the all-round mountain biker. The sport has taken root in mostly in the Northwest of United States, a location known for its miles of winding single-track trails alongside old growth forest and bubbling creeks. The Karkloof Classic has long been considered the pioneer of new mountain biking concepts, and we’re proud to announce the inclusion of this into the 2013 event.


Start at bottom Campbell’s Gate – climb 4,5km to the top of Jewitts Jive (this is not timed and done at your own pace)
Timed Section 1 – Jewitt’s Jive to Karkloof River at bottom of Lebanon 4,5km
Ride up Pressure Cooker and Kiba Pass to the top of Renee’s Rumble 5km (this is not timed and done at your own pace)
Timed Section 2 – Rennes Rumble to Campbell’s Gate 4.5km


Total Distance +- 18.5km
Enduro has replaced the Cross Country event.


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