Nissan Releases Expert 4x4 Guide

Words & Photos: Nissan South Africa

Nissan South Africa, with the professional input of off-road driving expert Glyn Demmer and in an expression of the brand’s social responsibility, has produced a comprehensive off-road driving resource in order to promote and assist with responsible off-road driving.

Nissan Releases Expert 4x4 Guide

Available free of charge online to any 4x4 owner, the Nissan Off-Road Guide series – of which there are four parts – has been designed to ensure that even the most inexperienced 4x4 drivers can enjoy their vehicles off-road.


Says the Guide’s author, Glyn Demmer: “As an off-road specialist I have been exposed to many levels of driver competency especially when running training sessions, where people have purchased an extremely capable off-road vehicle but lack the skills and knowledge to make proper use of their vehicle’s off-road technology, safely and responsibly.


The Nissan Off-road Guide provides these people with a concise four-part resource which covers everything from off-road terminology and tyre care, to environmental responsibility and 4x4 recovery, with an overriding theme of ‘tread with respect’. Simply put, if you have a 4x4 and want to take it off-road, the Guide is a brilliant and essential tool to take a look at beforehand –no matter how high or low your level of 4x4 driving competency. Every off-road situation is different, and it’s never too late to learn something new.”


Compiled based on Demmer’s wealth of off-road knowledge, the Nissan Off-Road Guide has been designed to reduce the risk of damage to vehicles and the environment while off-roading, as well as containing comprehensive definitions of off-road terminology. A Terrain Crossing Guide also carries insight into correct 4x4 driving procedures – including seating position and how to hold the steering wheel – on some of South Africa’s greatest off-road trails, as well as how to tackle various terrain such as water crossings and rocky inclines.


Of particular importance, the Recovery Guide serves to inform readers of the correct and safest ways in which to rescue a stranded vehicle, with graphical representation and experiential tips geared to improving the 4x4 owner’s real-world experience. The Tyre Guide also contains valuable information pertaining to the design, capabilities and maintenance tips for a multitude of tyre types – whether they have been designed specifically for off-roading or not.


“The Guide may be comprehensive but it is not a replacement for a proper, practical off-road course,” continues Demmer. “There’s nothing like learning in the field and ‘on the job’, but the Nissan Off-Road Guide enables enthusiasts to gain the sort of valuable knowledge which will come in very handy when physically tackling a trail, even with an instructor in the passenger seat.”


The Nissan Off-Road Guide is available to any 4x4 enthusiast via download on the Nissan South Africa website:


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