Introducing the Mr Price Pro Ballito Parkour Stars

One of the highlights of this year's Mr Price Pro Ballito Beach Festival has undoubtedly been the inaugural parkour/ free running event which sees athletes harness elements of martial arts and acrobatics to deliver spectacular performances and show-stopping stunt work. This is the first free running event of its kind in South Africa which utilizes a purpose-built course. The finals for the skateboarding, BMX and parkour have all been moved to Saturday at 11h30, 12h30 and 14h30, respectively with the winners participating in exhibition events on Sunday (8 July). All of the extreme sports action is happening in the festival area above Willards Beach. Please see below for profiles on the Sabotage Elite team. All of them are available for media interviews and photo opportunities.

Photographer: Ryan Janssens

Sabotage Elite - “Sabotage your obstacles, with grace, without mercy”
Team from Pretoria, sponsored by New Balance (apparel) and Glaceau VitaminWater
Formed in late 2010, by Captain Kundai Murapa (Kenji), SE is the high-performance arm of Sabot FRC (Free Running Club). Made up of six free runners of various cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. Sabotage Elite is Pretoria's premier freerunning and stunt team.

Kundai 'Kenji' Murapa (23) Pretoria
Sabotage Elite captain, Kudai ‘Kenji’ Murapa, was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, but is now studying Publishing at Tuks University where he is the Chairperson for Parkour. Kenji aims to use his love for Parkour to become a stuntman for movies.
Kenji was ranked 4th in SA free running urban sessions [2010] and is also an Alt-x free running judge. This New Balance SA Brand Ambasador and Streets United SA Consultant describes Parkour as “A lifestyle; the reconnection of the natural nature of human movement”.
With a history of dance and martial arts, Kenji is known for his unconventional acrobatic style as well has his big Transition Vaults and his ability to get great airtime both vertically and horizontally.
Kenji says: “I’m pretty stoked about this competition. It’s got great vibe and after everything that it’s taken to get here, it’s awesome to be invited to competitions like this which is a really big step for the sport and its identity, not only in South Africa, but worldwide.”
Kenji, who considers himself to be a bit of a poet, lives by the motto, “Those who can are those who must”.

Chris 'Monk' De Bruyne (25) Pretoria
Vice captain of Sabotage Elite, Chris ‘Monk’ De Bruyne, has never really been into ‘usual’ sports. Through this, he was introduced Capoeira, a Brazilian form of Martial Arts which hestill teaches today and has great influence on his Parkour technique.
This Pretoria based athlete is the Alt-X best trick Champion and is sponsored by Faithwear sponsorship. He is known for being dynamic in his tricks and for Momentum based movements. De Bruyne prefers the “style competitions” to the speed ones as his Martial Arts Kicks and Flares which dominate his style more than makes up for his lack of jump.
DeBruyne says: “I’m looking forward to being creative in the park. It’s important not to take this too seriously as it is essentially meant to be fun. But in saying that, I stillhope to place and qualify.”

Mark ‘Airbaggie’ Modimola (20) Pretoria
Mark ‘Airbaggie’ Modimola is a Drunknmunky Sponsored athlete and the current Alt-X speed Champion. He is known for extreme height and spring which explains his life’s motto of “no limits”.
Modimola says: “The competition’s going to be awesome! It’ll be a new challenge with the skating half pipes and tubes as we are more used to vertical heights and boxes. But i’m excited for the challenge.”

José Chung (21) Pretoria
Swaziland born, José Chung, is now living and studying Drama at Tuks University where he is now a Parkour pro-athlete.
Chung happened to stumble upon Parkour by accident after being shown an article in Popular Mechanics which put a name to what he only saw as a way to entertain himself; practicing tricks and stunts. He is the newest member of Sabotage Elite which he came across by joining the Parkour society at Tuks.
Chung is known for his flow which comes to him naturally from his dancing and drama roots. He is also able to adapt and be flexible in his movements which comes in handy in routines.
Chung says: “I’m really amped for the Mr Price Pro Ballito competition. I am focused and want to challenge myself even more than ever before.”

Ryno Coetzee (21) Pretoria
When 21 year old Ryno Coetzee first saw the ‘Jump London’ video on TV, he instantly knew that Parkour was something that he would love.
Although still looking for sponsorship, Coetzee is known for the conception of the ‘Ryno Flip’ which is an off-pivot wall flip. He also attained 4th position at the Alt-X Style Competition.
Coetzee says: “This competition is going to be challenging. I would have liked more vertical surfaces which is what I’m used to but I’m here to have fun!”

Tristan Adam Sinclair Wrench (20) Johannesburg (Randburg)
Explosive Parkour pro-athlete, Tristan Wrench, is the founder of N1 FreeRun which is the Johannesburg brother team of Pretoria-based Sabotage Elite.
Wrench is known for his absolute fearlessness and willingness to push the boundaries of Pourkour.

Although Wrench is nursing a bit of a foot injury, he is not too worried and says: “I’m excited, amped, ready. The box and scaffolding that have built for us are awesome”