Cooper Tyres - The Pressure is on!

Words: Jenny Soons

Cooper Tyres South Africa stated that a major reason for tyre failure or low mileage achieved on a tyre is poor tyre maintenance. Just a small amount of attention could lengthen the life of the tyre, provide a more comfortable ride and reduce fuel usage thereby helping not only your pocket but also the environment.

Getting the best from a set of tyres is about maintenance including correct tyre pressure, tyre rotation, alignment and good driving habits which all impact radically on the tyre performance.


Tyres are possibly the most safety critical component on any vehicle – just four patches of rubber the size of your hand keeping a vehicle safely in contact with the road. But many drivers, once the purchase is made, make little or no effort to care for their tyre purchase.


To encourage greater tyre maintenance awareness Cooper offer a 85 000km warranty programme on selected all terrain products which guides consumers on how to apply a tyre maintenance programme to ensure high mileage is achieved.


Georg Schramm, Managing Director of Cooper Tyres South Africa says: “The high mileage capabilities of our premium products gave us a great opportunity to offer this warranty.”


Georg also stated: “Possibly the most damaging life shortening factor of tyres on Southern African roads is not pot holes, as one might think, but the running of tyres at the incorrect tyre pressure.


He goes onto explain, “Maintaining correct tyre pressure is essential to ensure longer tyre life and a more comfortable drive. Travelling on an underinflated tyre will cause heavier steering, decreased grip, increased fuel consumption and increased shoulder or crown wear which could affect the tyre’s integrity.”


“Over inflation is equally damaging to a tyre as it increases the chance of damage on poor or potholed road surfaces, increases crown wear and reduces the life of the tyre. With no flex or cushioning in the tyre the driver will experience a harsher ride and with a reduced tread contact patch with the road the unyielding tyre may cause wandering at higher speeds,” he explained.


Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended inflation which can be found either in the arch of the driver’s door, or inside the petrol flap. Alternatively consult your vehicle owner’s manual.


For an accurate tyre pressure reading, ensure the tyres are measured when cold. Tyre temperature rises in relation to distance travelled or hot weather conditions. As tyres heat, the pressure increases.


Don’t forget your spare wheel when checking tyre pressures – you never know when you might need it.


The Cooper warranty is currently available on the popular Discoverer AT3 all terrain tyre as well as SUV Discoverer CTS, H/T and H/T Plus products. Cooper intends to launch a mileage warranty for 4x4 and passenger products in the near future.


Cooper Tyres are available at over 110 dealers countrywide. For further information visit or write to .