Sitcom Style Drama at SA’s First Drifting Championship

Words: Michelle Lewis | Photos: Dave Nisbet

Dezzi ‘the corkscrew’ Raceway welcomed back South Africa’s first drifting championship – the AutoTrader SupaDrift Series. True to form, the new track produced more drama than a sitcom. The twist in format that had the track direction reversed, gave favour to the more powerful vehicles, as well as drifters who could produce a consistent performance.

In KZN South Coast style, the sun came out to light the track and warm the atmosphere, which saw over 4,000 people camp out for the day to watch the epic battle in this, the 5th leg on the 9-stop national championship.


The drama began in the qualifying session where many drivers bumped their way around the course, clipping cones and recording 0 runs. The first battle of the Top 8 also produced the first collision. Jason Webb pulled up too close behind Wade van Zummeren hitting his car, and forcing both to take a 5-minute time out. Van Zummeren failed to get back on track due to two broken sideshafts, and conceded to Webb. The Top 8 battle also produced two spinouts by Jacque Lemmer and
Otto Graven, putting Paolo Gouveia and Jim McFarlane through to the semi final.


Another collision by Webb in the semi final against Gouveia, had Webb again too close, hitting Gouveia’s back bumper. Jason’s aggressive and quick driving put him through in to the final against Mike Radloff, who had faced Jim McFarlane in a very competition and closely run semi-final.


The final between Webb and Radloff, both in Nissan S13’s, was the highlight of the day. Webb took the lead and was followed closely by Radloff who kept on his tail the entire run. Radloff made a champion effort in his turn to lead, however Jason kept inches from his door to score top points and scoop his second win in a row.


Round six of the AutoTrader SupaDrift Series is set to take place on the 17th of August, back at the Dezzi Raceway. For more information visit HYPERLINK ""