MTN BUSHFIRE 2016 – celebrating ten years!


Words: Red Flag

MTN BUSHFIRE will be celebrating ten years of #BRINGYOURFIRE for the 2016 edition, taking place from May 27 – 29 2016.

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MTN BUSHFIRE’s tenth anniversary in 2016 promises to be an even better experience for all festival goers. Having expanded rapidly in both popularity and capacity, festival organisers intend to refine the general services offered to help mark the festivals 10th edition.

Attendees for MTN Bushfire 2016 should expect improved and expanded infrastructure, specifically with bigger and better camping facilities- the focus for MTN BUSHFIRE 2016 is on making sure that the guest experience is the best it can be.

MTN BUSHFIRE 2016 also promises major headline acts, reflecting the best in African, world music and other popular genres. Stay tuned to the MTN Bushfire social media platforms for announcements as they are made throughout the year,, twitter @BushFireFest.

As was previously announced, this year for the first time in its nine year history, MTN BUSHFIRE was completely sold out the day before the festival even started. Fans therefore must be ready to plan ahead and purchase tickets well in advance.

MTN BUSHFIRE 2016 is also predicted to be a sell out weekend and organisers are not planning to increase the number of tickets on sale. The decision has been made in line with ensuring a quality experience for guests and maintaining the unique MTN BUSHFIRE vibe that makes the festival so attractive.

Early-bird tickets will be available in the coming months, so fans are urged to book in advance on the MTN Bushfire website to avoid disappointment.

MTN BUSHFIRE would like to extend a huge “thank you” to all those who attended this year’s event. The loyalty of the MTN BUSHFIRE fans is appreciated, as Festival Director Jiggs Thorne explains “We were truly blown away by the support of fans this year. Never has such a large crowd gathered in Swaziland to peacefully enjoy such a range of musical and cultural talent. We are so excited to continue to improve the MTN BUSHFIRE experience as we head into 2016, and the tenth anniversary of MTN BUSHFIRE. We want to thank all our sponsors and especially all the fans who join us every year and BRING THEIR FIRE.”

With 100% of MTN BUSHFIRE festival profits donated to local charites, the festival’s clarion call to action of #BRINGYOURFIRE has never been stronger. Official handovers of these funds to Swazi organisations Gone Rural Swaziland and Young Heroes will be made in the upcoming weeks.

Make sure to follow all of the MTN BUSHFIRE platforms throughout the year to stay up to date with announcements and MTN BUSHFIRE news. www.facebook./MTNBUSHFIRE on twitter @bushfirefest

Backlit by fiery mountain sunsets across acres of pristine farmland in the Malkerns Valley, MTN BUSHFIRE is Swaziland’s internationally acclaimed three day world music and arts festival that celebrates creative expression whilst promoting social responsibility, stimulating the economy, and drawing talent and tourists from across Africa and around the world. Founded in 2007, MTN BUSHFIRE has a well-deserved reputation for its’ visionary approach, integrity and “Call to Action” mandate which defines its commitment to nurturing the Swazi arts and cultural scene, whilst raising awareness and funds to tackle the nation’s most pressing social needs. Donating 100% of its profits to orphans through the Swazi NGO Young Heroes (, and 100% of merchandise proceeds to the non-profit rural community development project Gone Rural boMake (, MTN BUSHFIRE serves, in the words of one journalist, “as a living, breathing, creative ecosystem.”

MTN BUSHFIRE calls on the community to “Bring their Fire” to the Festival and into their daily lives, igniting a collective response for positive change. ‘Bring your Fire’ celebrates the human spirit, the light in all of us, to become more conscious and active participants in creating a better world. It is this distinctive fusion of inspired multi-dimensional creativity, demographically diverse audience, socially-accountable philosophy, and magical setting that creates and sustains MTN BUSHFIRE’s harmonious energy and sets it apart from all other festivals.