MTN National MTB Series #1 Dullstroom

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Dunkeld Estate, Dullstroom


GPS Location: S25˚24˚.224˚ E 30 04.921
Elevation: 2100m
Terrain: Grasslands | Forestry | Natural Forests
Features: Single track | Bridges | Rivers | Hand built track
Registration: Friday 17:00 - 20:00 / Saturday 06:00 - 09:00
Online Entries: Early Bird Close 8 January 2014 06:00 / Online Entries close 07 February 06:00

The quaint little town of Dullstroom, synonymous with fly-fishing, art and high altitude, will become the new retreat for mountain bikers in early February. The town is nestled on the foot of De Berg, which is the highest point in the province at two thousand three hundered and thirty two meters above sea level, and features the perfect recipe for hosting some of the best that mountain biking has to offer.

Rolling hills, flowing hand built single track, natural foot paths and some serious mountains, the route is absolutely any mountain bikers dream!

The Town:

Dullstroom is a small town in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, and along with Underberg, it is one of South Africa's premier fly fishing destinations. The town features the highest railway station in South Africa at 2,077 m above sea level as well as at the foot of De Berg, the highest point in the province at 2,332 m high.

Dullstroom was established in 1883 by Dutchman Wolterus Dull to settle Dutch immigrants. During the Second Boer War the town was destroyed and most of the settlers returned to the Netherlands.

Town 35km north of Belfast and some 53 km south-west of Lydenburg. It was proclaimed on 9 October 1893 and named after a merchant from Amsterdam, Wolterus Dull, chairman of a committee which rendered assistance to families who had suffered losses during the First Anglo-Boer War. The element stroom, ‘stream’, refers to the Crocodile River nearby. One of the coldest towns in South Africa, Dullstroom is the only place in the country where beech and elm trees grow; they were planted by Dutch colonists.

Route Summary:

Ultra - 120km | 2650m
Marathon - 75km | 1800m
Half Marathon - 45km | 900m
Fun Race - 20km | 350m

Profiles & Maps will be available on Monday (20th Jan)


Saturday 8 Feb 120km MTN Ultra - 07:00am | 75km - 07:10am (Ladies)
Saturday 8 Feb 75km MTN Marathon XCM - 07:30 Batch "A"+3min
Saturday 8 Feb 45km NISSAN 1/2 XCM - 08:15 Batch "A"+3min
Saturday 8 Feb 20km Fun Race - 09:00am Batch "All"
Saturday 8 Feb 10km Fun Ride - 09:10am "All"