Fun in the sun for little ones this Youth Day


Words: Steven J Brown

iTEN TV, in conjunction with Durban social group “We are Durban”, celebrated this year’s Youth Day (June 16th) with hula hoops, frisbees, soccer balls, tug of war and plenty of treats at Durban’s Pirates Beach.

Kapil Premchand, Linda Morrison, Masood Boomgaard and Kelly Taylor having fun with the orphans

Photo supplied

One of the city’s biggest ever beach parties saw approximately 250 under privileged children from the following areas; Effingham, Quarry Heights, Kabazela, Kwa Mashu, Duffs Road, Boxwood, Johanna Rd, Siyathuthuka, Sea Cow Lake, Briardene, Jamaica, Gum Tree & Smithfield for plenty of fun in the sun.

“Although Youth Day commemorates one of the saddest days in South Africa’s history, it also helps us to remember that we now have a special opportunity to bring joy to courageous little people whose lives can be extremely difficult. As always, this event would not have been possible if it weren’t for the generous time, love and patience of our volunteers. That’s why we would like to extend a very special thank you to the “We are Durban” social group,” said Masood Boomgaard from iTEN TV. “The greatest reward after a very energetic day on the beach will be the sound of laughter and the smiles on little faces”, he added.